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For the benefit and future of our industry, it is crucial we continue to seek, discover and develop better performing products. Different from other breeding companies, De Bolster focuses solely on organic breeding. All our breeding is conducted with ‘classical’ techniques under organic conditions. This strategy is chosen to breed very robust, vigorous and productive varieties, selected for their exceptional performance in organic conditions. Discover the exclusive De Bolster varieties below.

Pompoen Uchiki Kuri
Orange-red squash with fruits varying in weight from 0.8 to 2 kg. Trailing type with 1-2 fruits per plant.
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Pompoen Amoro F1 - Cucurbita maxima
Beautiful, bright orange winter squash with an exceptionally high yield. Bush type with short vine. Suitable for early sales. ‘Amoro’ is very easy to cook and has a sweet taste, perfect for soup.
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Pompoen Tractor F1
Orange winter squash with beautiful, large fruits. Bush type with short vine and 1-2 fruits per plant. Very high yielding and good shelf life. ‘Tractor’ is easy to cook and has a good, mild taste.
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Pompoen Alligator F1
Alligator is a green pumpkin with an excellent shelf life and a high yield. The plants are very compact and are so-called bush types with a short rank. The smooth round fruits have relatively much flesh and an attractive yellow orange colour. The taste is good.
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Acorn-pompoen Green Tangerine F1
Attractive, dark green fruits with deep tangerine coloured flesh with a pleasant, sweet taste. The nicely shaped fruits (600-800 g) are 11-14 cm in diameter with a small interior seed cavity.
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Delicata-pompoen Sugar Babe F1
Wonderfully sweet Delicata squash. Thanks to their flat base, the fruits (500-800 g) stand upright well – ideal for stuffing and baking in a range of dishes. 'Sugar Babe F1' is a high-yielding bush type squash with a very good shelf life.
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Halloweenpompoen Owls Eye F1
Attractive, yellow squash for autumn with a firm stalk that makes it easy to harvest and prepare. Thanks to its flat base, 'Owls Eye F1' stands nicely upright. Semi-bush plant type with good mildew tolerance.
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Tuinboon Ratio
Early, productive broad bean with an excellent pod shape, good pod set and a delicious flavour. Thanks to its branching habit, the crop stays short and is at less risk of lodging. Very flavoursome and suitable for freezing.
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Tuinboon Eleonora
A selection from ‘Express’ which stays short, so the crop is not prone to falling over. ‘Eleonora’ is about 10 days later than ‘Ratio’ and has excellent long pods with a splendid flavour. The beans are ideal for freezing.
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Rucola ‘Esmée’
Tender salad rocket with beautifully delicate pinnate leaves. The three-dimensional leaf shape helps create a firm, open structure in salad mixes and stops the leaves from sticking to the packaging.
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Kervel Massa
A dark-leaved, slow bolting chervil. The flat leaves of ‘Massa’ have a lovely, sweet, aniseed-like flavour and a delightful fragrance.
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Schorseneer Verbeterde Reuzen Nietschieters
One of the most productive varieties with remarkable length and smoothness of root. ‘VRN-Enorma’ has attractive foliage and is resistant to hollow crown. A uniquely delicious vegetable.
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