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Flower mixes

Flower mixes contain flowers and plants which go well together when it comes to both color and height, as well as sowing and flowering time. Looking for a well-filled garden and want to be surprised? Our flower mixes are the perfect choice! Ideal for in the garden, but also for parts of fallow land. We have composed these mixtures with the greatest care. Packets can be bought in varying sizes: Choose a standard packet of seeds to fill 10 to 20 m2, or buy larger quantities. This last option is very interesting when you want to fill up a larger space, if you want to SAVE, or if you want to use it as a gift.

Bloemenmengsel Elegance
Flower mixture ‘Elegance’ creates a colourful garden with a rich insect life.
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Tübingen Flowers (mixture) is a proven mix for attracting bees and butterflies and is suitable for gardens or field margins. This mixture contains seeds from both non-indigenous and cultivated plants: Phacelia, Buckwheat, White Mustard, Coriander, Love-in-a-Mist, Marigold, Cornflower, Oilseed Radish, Mallow, Borage, Dille, Common Bird's Foot and Sunflower.
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Akkerrandmengsel M1
Field margin mixture ‘M1’ attracts parasitic wasps that parasitise the larvae of the bean seed fly. This nectar-rich mixture therefore helps to control this fly.
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Field Flowers (mixture) contains seeds for various traditional cultivated plants that include Buckwheat, Crimson Clover, Phacelia, White Mustard, Blue Lupine and Marigold.
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Bloemenmengsel, hoog
Flower Mixture (high) contains predominantly seeds for sturdy annuals reaching a height of about 100 cm. This mixture may be thinly sown and contains seeds for plants such as Rose Mallow, Opium Poppy, Dill, Safflower, Shoo-fly Plant and Sunflower.
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Bloemenmengsel, middelhoog
Flower Mixture (medium-high) contains seeds for plants reaching a height of about 60 cm. This mixture includes many different varieties in a wide range of colours: California Poppy, Dill, Annual Clary, Cow Herb, Coriander, Purple Viper's Bugloss and Everlasting Flower.
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Bloemenmengsel, laag
Flower Mixture (low) contains plants reaching a height of about 30 cm. This mixture is quite varied and contains seeds for plants such as Comfrey, Dwarf Lupine, Baby Blue Eyes, Garden Mignonette, Sweet William Catchfly, Rose of Heaven and Cow Herb.
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