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Varieties for professional growers

Here you will find a selection of varieties that have proven themselves in organic cultivation, and so are especially suited for professional growers. Some varieties result from our own breeding program, among which our specialisms squash, tomatoes and peppers. Furthermore, we also offer other proven varieties, in close co-operation with co-breeders from the field. At De Bolster you can find the best assortment of organic seeds for a successful organic cultivation.

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Ui Albion F1 – Allium cepa
Onion ‘Albion F1’ is a lovely white, highly uniform and productive variety suitable for the fresh market and for short-term storage. It has a pungent yet slightly sweet flavour.
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Ui Hylander F1
Onion 'Hylander F1' is a middle-early, mildew-resistant variety. Nice round and uniform onions. Good skin and storage quality. High yielding.
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Ui Redlander F1 – Allium cepa
Onion ‘Redlander F1’ is an early variety of red onion with a high downy mildew resistance. Has excellent keeping qualities and uniform, high yields.
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Stengelui Ishikura Long White
Onion (spring) Ishikura Long White is a Welsh onion that forms a long, white, thick shaft without forming a sphere. The leafage is light green, and the variety is resistant to damage from thunderbugs. The plants nicely stand up straight. Ishikura Long White is winter-hardy.
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Kervel Massa
A dark-leaved, slow bolting chervil. The flat leaves of ‘Massa’ have a lovely, sweet, aniseed-like flavour and a delightful fragrance.
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Bleekselderij Tango F1
Celery 'Tango F1' is suitable for cultivating throughout the growing season. This very productive variety has white to light green stalks. Very resistant to blackheart.
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Knolselderij Balena F1 – Apium graveolens
Celeriac ‘Balena F1’ has healthy, strong, upright foliage and a fast-maturing root with lovely firm, white flesh. This breed is highly resilient to bolting and exceptionally tolerant of cold.
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Japanse Haver - Groenbemester – Avena strigosa
Lopsided Oat is an excellent green manure that is exceptionally well suited for later sowing as well. Lopsided oat arises very quickly and produces a lot of plant material above ground and is therefore very useful against weeds.
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Snijbiet ‘Five Colours’
Chard 'Fireworks' ('Five Colours') is a beautiful mixture of chard in multiple colours (red, purple, orange, yellow and white). The leafs of this chard are mostly green. Even after stir-frying or stewing the stems maintain their lovely color.
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Akkerrandmengsel M1
Field margin mixture ‘M1’ attracts parasitic wasps that parasitise the larvae of the bean seed fly. This nectar-rich mixture therefore helps to control this fly.
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Bladmosterd ‘Golden Frills’
Golden Frills is a mustard variety with fine incised, fresh green leaves and a spicy taste. Mustard leaf has been grown and eaten in the Himalaya region in India for over 5000 years. Also in many other countries is leaf mustard a part of the daily menu.
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