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Lettuce organic seeds

Looking for organic seeds of Lettuce? De Bolster is committed to providing organic growers with premium quality seed of the best varieties. Whether you are a professional grower, distributor or home garden seed supplier, we are determined to serve you in the best way we can, focused on your exact needs. Would you like to receive a quotation for organic seeds of Lettuce? Simply click here to drop us an e-mail and we'll make sure to respond quickly.

IJsbergsla ‘Batavia Blonde de Paris’
Batavia lettuce Blonde de Paris has very crispy and sweet leaves. It is a type in between regular butterhead and iceberg lettuce. The leaves are comparable to those of the Batavia lettuce.
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Kropsla ‘Wonder der Vier Jaargetijden’
Lettuce (Butterhead) 'Marvel of Four Seasons' is a very reliable spring, summer and autumn variety. This lettuce has a beautifully shaped head, is fairly resistant to fungal diseases, and has a nice tender bite.
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Kropsla ‘Cosima’
Lettuce (Butterhead) 'Suzan' has a firm leaf structure, which forms a heavy crop. It is very suitable for summer cultivation and it does not bolter that fast. If you would like to harvest each week, you should regularly sow/plant.
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Kropsla ‘Twellose Gele’
This lettuce variety is a real butterhead from the early days; a fast growing variety. It grows well during cold weather and has tender yellow-green crops. It is well suited for early cultivation.
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Krulsla Lollo Bionda
Lettuce (Curly) 'Lollo Bionda' is a variety that does not form a crop, but an open rosette with strongly incised tender leaves. The leaves are bright green and have a attractive appearance. It can be used as cut-and-come-again type in a young stadium.
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Krulsla ‘Lollo Rossa’
Lettuce (Curly) 'Lollo Rossa' is a fast growing red-brown curly lettuce with strongly incised leaves and very decorative and tender leaves. It can be used as cut-and-come-again type in a young stadium. 
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Pluksla ‘Black Seeded Simpson’
The lettuce Black Seeded Simpson, a cut-and-come-again type, is a fast growing lettuce that does not form a crop. The leaves are yellow-green and they have a beautiful, somewhat ribbed leaf structure.
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Pluksla ‘Catalogna’
The loose leaf lettuce Catalogna, a cut-and-come-again type, is a remarkably tasteful, firm, dark green lettuce with long incised leaves. It is an early type and does not bolter fast. It is not very sensitive to diseases. Frequent harvest will increase growth.
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Pluksla ‘Cocarde’
The lettuce Cocarde, a cut-and-come-again type, has beautiful long, incised green leaves with a red-brown edge. Cocarde is an early and vigorous type, and is very tasty. In order to keep the tenderness, it is recommended to harvest regularly.
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IJsbergsla ‘Grazer Krauthauptel 2’
Iceberg lettuce Grazer Krauthauptel is a traditional Austrian variety from the region around the city Graz. It has very bright green, crispy leaves with a small red edge. It does not bolter early and has a good mildew resistance.
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IJsbergsla ‘Saladin’
Iceberg lettuce Saladin forms semi-big to big crops. Its leafs are thick and crispy. Saladin does not bolter early. It is not ideal for autumn cultivation. Growing Iceberg lettuce is slightly harder than growing the other lettuce varieties, but you could also see it as a challenge!
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Eikenbladsla ‘Red Salad Bowl’
Oakleaf lettuce Red Salad Bowl is a slightly curled loose-leaf lettuce. It is suitable as a cut-and-come-again type. It is very vigorous and decorative. It has tender leaves with a sweet taste.
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