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Sprouting vegetables develop when spores or seeds start to sprout when growing in water. These sprouts are grown from seeds within several days. Our organic sprouting seeds contain highly concentrated doses of numerous vitamins and minerals. And what’s even better news? Besides the glass sprouting bowl, we now have the new Easy-sprout. Some sprouting vegetables are best grown using the Easy-sprout method, like alfalfa, Daikon sprouts, and mung bean sprouts. Other sprouts are best grown with the glass sprouting bowl, like turnip greens, rocket cress and garden cress. We can offer you more chances of success when growing sprouting vegetables. On this page you will find our range of sprouting seeds. Sprouting vegetables are not only a delicious addition to your dish, but also extremely healthy!

Kiemgroente Chinese bieslook
Garlic chives have a delightful garlic taste and are very suited to use as garnish. Moreover it suits different dishes perfectly.
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Red Cabbage - Sprouting Seeds – Brassica oleracea
Red Cabbage seeds produce attractive red and green vegetable sprouts that taste like real cabbage. This vegetable sprout is both very decorative and highly nutritional.
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Turnip seed is a quickly germinating vegetable sprout, which is ready to be harvested after about five days. This variety is easy to grow and its sprouts can be kept fresh for a long time. Turnip sprouts have a fairly mild, fresh taste.
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Kiemgroente rucolakers
Rocket cress has a quite spicy and nutty taste as a sprout. The sprouts are delicious as garnish and well suited for salads as well.
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Zonnebloem kiemgroente
Sunflower has a delicious nutty taste as a sprout.
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Kiemgroente Tuinkers
Garden cress is a well-known sprout of which both the sprout as the young leaves can be eaten. Garden cress contains mustard oil and tastes great in combination with salad and bread.
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Groene erwt
Green Peas vegetable sprouts have a sweet flavour and are often used to garnish salads. Also tasty as a snack, on bread, and in salads, soups and other hot dishes.
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Radijskers Daikon
Radish 'Daikon’ is a vitamin-rich vegetable sprout with a somewhat spicy taste. Their characteristically fresh, slightly peppery taste makes them a good addition to salads, sandwiches and sauces.
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Radijskers Sango Purple - Kiemgroente  – Raphanus sativus NEW
Radish cress ‘Sango Purple’ is a vegetable sprout with attractive, plump, purple-red leaves that are succulent and packed with flavour. The large cotyledons ensure good production.
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Kiemgroente mosterdkers
Mustard cress is a quite spicy sprout that tastes like mustard.
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Taugé - Kiemgroente
Mung Bean seeds produce bean sprouts, which are commonly used in Asian stir-fried dishes and in egg rolls. These sprouts have a delicious crunch and are very healthy.
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