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Sprouting seeds

Kiemgroente Chinese bieslook
Garlic chives have a delightful garlic taste and are very suited to use as garnish. Moreover it suits different dishes perfectly.
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Kiemgroente rucolakers
Rocket cress has a quite spicy and nutty taste as a sprout. The sprouts are delicious as garnish and well suited for salads as well.
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Kiemgroente broccolikers
Broccoli is becoming more and more popular as a sprout. It has a mild taste, and contains a lot of healthy nutrients.
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Kiemgroente zonnebloem
Sunflower has a delicious nutty taste as a sprout.
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Kiemgroente Tuinkers
Garden cress is a well-known sprout of which both the sprout as the young leaves can be eaten. Garden cress contains mustard oil and tastes great in combination with salad and bread.
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Kiemgroente mosterdkers
Mustard cress is a quite spicy sprout that tastes like mustard.
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