organic seeds for

growers' success

Our vision

We anticipate a world where organic, nutritious crops, grown sustainably, are available to everyone. That is why De Bolster is committed to supporting organic farming by providing growers with high quality seed of the best varieties.

Company values

Everything we do is focused on delivering sustainable solutions for our customers. This is rooted in our core values:


We seek long-lasting partnerships with our customers, built on mutual trust and respect.


We offer knowledge, expertise and sound advice to support those who grow our seeds. As we learn more, we share this with our customers, to whom we pride ourselves on keeping our promises.


We maintain our focus on top quality organic seeds, and continue to seek the best varieties for successful organic culture.


No patents on seeds

De Bolster is against patents on genes which occur freely in nature. We believe that natural features should not be patented by companies, but should remain freely accessible to everyone. This is necessary in order to allow new varieties to be developed freely and without hindrance by any company.


De Bolster opposes the use of genetic modification. In our company we only use traditional breeding techniques. All our varieties are 100% GMO-free.

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