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Looking for organic seeds of Flowers? De Bolster is committed to providing organic growers with premium quality seed of the best varieties. Whether you are a professional grower, distributor or home garden seed supplier, we are determined to serve you in the best way we can, focused on your exact needs. Would you like to receive a quotation for organic seeds of Flowers? Simply click here to drop us an e-mail and we'll make sure to respond quickly.

Gewoon duizendblad
Common Yarrow is a very common wild plant with finely incised leaves and robust white flowers. Suitable for use as both cut and dried flowers. Attracts butterflies.
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Anise Hyssop is a robust branched plant with four-sided stems topped with tall bluish-purple flower spikes. The plant releases a strong smell when bruised. Attracts butterflies.
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Agastache mexicana Lavender Haze
Mexican Giant Hyssop 'Lavender Haze' is a robust branched plant with four-sided stems and tall light blue flower spikes. It has an anise-like fragrance, especially after being touched. Attracts bees and butterflies.
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Bolderik – Agrostemma githago not available in 2020
"Corncockle is a tall, slender plant bearing large red-violet flowers with a white centre and tapered sepals. It used to be commonly found in cornfields. Its seeds are poisonous. "
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Stokroos, gemengd – Alcea rosea
Hollyhock (mixed) is an upright plant with sturdy flower stems. This mix includes single-petaled flowers in various colours. Should be given support or a sheltered location.
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Amarant – Amaranthus hypochondriacus x powelli
Prince's Feather is a sturdy plant with reddish stems and deep red panicles. Its seeds are edible. Suitable for use as both cut and dried flowers.
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Straalvrucht – Anoda cristata
Spurred Anoda is a sturdy plant in the Mallow family and produces fairly large lilac-coloured flowers. It is very attractive to bees and butterflies. Spurred Anoda cannot tolerate frost.
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Leeuwenbek – Antirrhinum majus
"Snapdragon is a familiar, slightly scented garden plant with flowers in a wide range of colours. Suitable for use as cut flowers. "
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Stekelpapaver – Argemone polyanthemos
"Crested Prickly Poppy may be an unfamiliar plant, but its blue-green prickly leaves and large white poppy-like flowers make it a very attractive one. It is very attractive to bees and butterflies. "
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Tandzaad – Bidens ferulifolia
Apache Beggarticks is a resilient summer-flowering plant with conspicuous yellow flowers and finely incised, dark green leaves. Suitable for borders and flower containers in a sunny location.
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Akkergoudsbloem – Calendula arvensis
Field Marigold bears small yellow flowers all summer long. The natural habitat of this clump-forming plant is uncultivated (fallow) land in southern Europe.
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Goudsbloem – Calendula officinalis
Marigold has singular, orange flowers with a dark heart. These flowers are easy to cultivate and serve as an ornamental plant. It is used for medicinal, cosmetic and culinary purposes. Marigold flowers can serve as ornament in dishes and it can be used for seasoning in stews; the leaves are suitable for tea.
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