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Your reliable seed partner

De Bolster supports seed companies worldwide with organic seeds. We understand the challenges you face in a fastchanging marketplace. As an expert partner, we are more than happy to think about how to make your range more attractive to your customers and more profitable for you. Right from our beginning, we have been closely connected to end-consumers, who inspire us with new ideas about how we can improve our offer. Our experience and understanding help you offer the right package of organic seeds to your customers, both now and in the future.

Wide range of varieties

We produce more than 370 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers, all certified organic and GMO-free. The care with which we grow, harvest, store, pack and despatch them means they will give our customers the very best results. We take a real pride in what we produce and offer you. As the organic seed market has grown rapidly in recent years, our range continues to evolve, satisfying the needs of our customers. Our product groups include vegetables, flowers, herbs, sprouting seeds and other crops on request.

Our promise

We are fully committed to support your seed business:

  • Quality: Our seeds meet high germination standards, and batches are continuously subject to grow-outs and strict germination, purity, and phytosanitary testing.
  • Availability: With our modern warehouse capacity, we strive for efficient, quick and on-time, in-full delivery.
  • Continuity: We understand how important it is for you to be able to continuously supply your customers. As your partner, we will be happy to align our production forecast to your needs, to ensure we have seeds available when you need them.
  • Traceability: From production to delivery, we own the entire process. We monitor all stages and know in detail what is happening with all our seed batches all the time.
  • Innovation: Every day we seek to expand and optimise our range, machinery and organic-certified seed treatment technologies, in order to provide you with the best package of products and services.

A passionate team

At De Bolster, we really enjoy what we do and very much hope you can feel our enthusiasm in all your contact with our energetic staff. We will be respectful and honest in all our dealings with you - and that is another promise! In addition to this, we are not afraid to think ‘outside the box’ when it can help you on the road to success. We can be flexible when it comes to different crops, different varieties or different packaging. Feel free to discuss your needs with us - we will be delighted to help you.