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Bloemkool Bermeo F1 NEW
Cauliflower 'Bermeo F1' is suitable for early summer cultivation. This cauliflower has a flattened, round head and good firmness. Leaves are reasonably self-covering.
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Bloemkool Liria F1 NEW
Cauliflower 'Liria F1' is suitable for early autumn cultivation. Good self-covering which keeps the head nice and white. A strong crop.
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Bloemkool Alpha 7
Cauliflower Alpha is slightly difficult to grow, but it is very tasty! This variety produces big, firm, white heads. For optimal white crops you should cover the crop against coloring.
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Bloemkool ‘Flora Blanca’
Cauliflower Flora Blanca is an old Dutch variety. It is one of the few varieties that do not produce a yellowish head, but a beautiful white one. Flora Blanca is most suited for autumn cultivation as this is easier compared to cultivation in summers.
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Romanesco Veronica F1 NEW
Romanesco 'Veronica F1' is suitable for late summer cultivation. This unusual and attractive cauliflower consists of many little yellow-green ‘towers'. Very uniform crop.
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