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Fast delivery within Europe


Once your order has left De Bolster, you can easily follow your package on DPD’s website using the track & trace link which you can find in their notification email.


When will my order be delivered?

We understand that you don’t want to stay at home all day waiting for your package to be delivered. On the day of delivery, you will receive an email with the times between which your package will be delivered. This indication is always a period of one hour. This way you can take into account when the delivery service will arrive.

Want to know where your package is? Fill out your package code here.

Follow your package

After the package has left De Bolster, you can easily follow it via the track & trace link provided by DPD. You can find this link in the shipment confirmation email. This way your package is shipped securely from De Bolster to you. DPD offers the possibility to select ‘Deliver to a safe place’. The delivery service will leave you package in the safe place you can specify yourself (e.g. “on the terrace”). This can be convenient in case you are not at home when the delivery is planned. However, do note that if you choose this option, the delivery service will leave your package unsupervised, with the risk of something happening to it. De Bolster is not responsible for lost or damaged packages when you have chosen this ‘Delivery to a safe place’ option.

I haven't received my package yet

You’re expecting your order, but haven’t received it yet. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but don’t worry. First, please check the following:

  • Use the track & trace link to see how many stops the delivery service still has left before arriving at your doorstep
  • Is the delivery address you provided correct?
  • Have you received a 'not-at-home' message? Your package might be delivered at your neighbor's or the delivery service may have planned a new delivery date. You can check this via the track & trace link as well. 
Still don't know where your package is? Please contact our customer service.


My package was damaged on delivery

Of course, this shouldn't have happened. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, so that we can offer a tailor-made solution. 

What are the benefits of DPD? 

We ship our packages with DPD. We started working with DPD because it offers several benefits:

  • DPD Predict offers the possibility to decide for yourself when your package will be delivered. A big plus when you can’t stay home all day for the delivery of your package.
  • Live tracking makes it possible to accurately establish when your package will be delivered.
  • DPD is committed to CO2 neutral shipment: The best choice for you and the environment!

Shipping and administrative costs

Within The Netherlands and Belgium, orders of € 30,- or more are shipped for free. For orders under € 30,- we do charge shipping and administrative costs, including VAT:

 The Netherlands  € 5,00
 Belgium  € 7,00


Want to receive your order in another (European) country? Then shipping costs will be added. You can find an overview of these costs in your shopping cart after you have filled out your delivery address. 

Shipping costs

The shipping costs and administration costs of € 5,00 are excluding VAT. The administration costs will only be charged for orders under € 30,-. 

Austria € 12,32
Bulgaria € 32,30
Croatia € 32,30
Czech Republic € 32,28
Denmark € 13,41
Estonia € 32,30
Finland € 25,68
France € 13,19
Germany € 7,47
Greece  € 40,69
Hungary € 32,30
Ireland € 32,28
Italy € 20,55
Latvia € 32,30
Lithuania € 32,30
Luxembourg € 9,39
Poland € 31,43
Portugal € 37,56
Romania € 32,19
Slovakia € 32,28
Slovenia € 32,28
Spain € 23,75
Sweden  € 20,41


Return policy

In case you want to cancel and return your order, you have to do so within 14 days. Please do note that seed packets need to be unopened and undamaged.

Return shipments are at your own expense. Do not forget to add your details when returning a package. Once we have received your package, the order will be refunded within 14 days.