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IJsbergsla ‘Saladin’

Lettuce (Iceberg) 'Saladin'

Lactuca sativa


Iceberg lettuce 'Saladin' is not susceptible to bolting, but is less suitable for autumn cultivation. It can be grown as baby leaves. This iceberg lettuce forms medium sized heads with thick, crispy leaves.

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Iceberg lettuce Saladin forms semi-big to big crops. Its leafs are thick and crispy. Saladin does not bolter early. It is not ideal for autumn cultivation. Growing Iceberg lettuce is slightly harder than growing the other lettuce varieties, but you could also see it as a challenge! Iceberg lettuce is slightly sweeter on average. It has a longer growing period (two weeks) than other types. If you would like to eat lettuce each week, you have to sow/plant regularly. When you put a part of the lettuce close to each other and if you harvest a little earlier than normal, you could suffice with one sowing per three to four weeks.


Quick facts
Position    :   Sun/semi-shade
Seed type    :   Open pollinated variety
Seed weight    :   1000 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   30x30 cm
Plant height    :   20 cm
EAN code    :   8717202600861
Packet size    :   75x123 mm
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   1 gram (for 30 m2)