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Rucola ‘Esmée’

Rocket 'Esmee'

Eruca sativa


Rocket 'Esmée' has a peppery, but not bitter, nutty flavor. This variety was developed by De Bolster and is recognisable by its fine, incised leaves.


Tender salad rocket with beautifully delicate pinnate leaves. The three-dimensional leaf shape helps create a firm, open structure in salad mixes and stops the leaves from sticking to the packaging. ‘Esmee’ is a fast growing variety that can be harvested 3-4 weeks after sowing. This rucola tastes peppery and not in the least bitter.

Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   700 seeds
Plant spacing    :   15x10 cm
Position    :   sun
Plant height    :   15 cm