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The various herbs we supply were developed under organic conditions and are especially suitable for professional growers. Whether you need herbs for indoor or outdoor production, we supply an attractive range of herbs that display a high degree of uniformity and vigour. From basil to rosemary, all are especially aromatic varieties. Interested? Request a sample now. De Bolster offers the best organic seeds for successful organic cultivation.

Kervel Massa
A dark-leaved, slow bolting chervil. The flat leaves of ‘Massa’ have a lovely, sweet, aniseed-like flavour and a delightful fragrance.
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Lavender is a bushy herb with a strong, recognizable smell. The leaves can be used in tea. Moreover, the dried flowers can help against insects indoors. Furthermore, oil can be extracted from the leaves and flowers and be used in soap.
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Lovage is due to its flavour mostly used for soup. Both the stems as the seeds can be used for cooking. This herb is perennial and has a preference for moist locations. Lovage is very capable of enduring only little sunshine.
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Lemon balm is a winter-hardy herb with leaves that smell like lemon and are commonly used for making tea. In the second year the plants really start to blossom. It is suited for drying, as long as the leaves are cut before flowering.
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Basilicum Rood
Red basil is an annual herb with a nice, strong smell. This variety is deep purple with medium sized leaves. Basil prefers a spot with shelter. Pick the leaves for direct use and for drying.
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Rosemary is a delicious smelling, evergreen bush that requires shelter. It is a versatile spice, which can be used for soup, meat, bread and garlic butter. During harsh winter the plant has to be covered to protect from freezing. If cut regularly, the plant keeps its shape.
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Sage is a spice used for cooking and healing and the leaves can be used both fresh as dried. This herb is effective against a sore throat and is commonly known as soporific. Insects and butterflies on the contrary, become hyperactive after consuming sage.
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Summer savory is an annual, low and bushy crop. The leaves and young sprouts are harvested just before flowering and taste a little spicy. This herb can be used freshly or dried. It can be used excellent in dishes with beans, but also in soups, salads or dishes with cabbage.
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Thyme is a herb that is used in cooking and also for its medicinal characteristics. The leaves and tops of the stalks are used freshly as well as dried. Cut the plants after flowering to make sure they form new sprigs and survive the winter better. Purple-like tube-shaped flowers characterize thyme and moreover each flower has four petals and a sepal. Flowering starts in the second year in the beginning of the summer.  
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Summer Thyme is a perennial kitchen herb that produces tender stems studded with aromatic leaves. Essential in Mediterranean cuisine. Rapid growth. Limited hardiness.
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