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Varieties for professional growers

Here you will find a selection of varieties that have proven themselves in organic cultivation, and so are especially suited for professional growers. Some varieties result from our own breeding program, among which our specialisms squash, tomatoes and peppers. Furthermore, we also offer other proven varieties, in close co-operation with co-breeders from the field. At De Bolster you can find the best assortment of organic seeds for a successful organic cultivation.

> Leaf vegetables
> Brassica
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> Fruit vegetables
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> Herbs
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> Green Manure

Tomaat Bolstar Gimli F1
Beautiful, shiny truss tomato, suitable for summer production in polytunnels and slightly heated greenhouses. The fine round fruits, weighing about 75 gm, have a very good shelf life, both on the plant and after harvesting.
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Tomaat Bolstar Granda
Robust, high-yielding, open-pollinated variety suitable for summer production in polytunnels and unheated greenhouses. The round fruits weigh about 100 gm and are suitable for picking loose with calyxes.
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Spinazie Renegade F1 – Spinacia oleracea NEW
Spinach 'Renegade F1’ can be grown throughout the season. Its smooth leaves are of outstanding quality and packed with flavour. Also suitable for growing as baby leaf.
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Spinazie ‘Nieuw-Zeelandse’
New Zealand Spinach belongs to the family of purslane (Portulacaceae) and looks completely different than regular spinach. The plants of New Zealand spinach have much more vigor, predominantly expressed in width.
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Thyme is a herb that is used in cooking and also for its medicinal characteristics. The leaves and tops of the stalks are used freshly as well as dried. Cut the plants after flowering to make sure they form new sprigs and survive the winter better. Purple-like tube-shaped flowers characterize thyme and moreover each flower has four petals and a sepal. Flowering starts in the second year in the beginning of the summer.  
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Summer Thyme is a perennial kitchen herb that produces tender stems studded with aromatic leaves. Essential in Mediterranean cuisine. Rapid growth. Limited hardiness.
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Incarnaatklaver - Groenbemester – Trifolium incarnatum
Crimson Clover is a soft and hairy clover with dark red flower plumes of 4 centimetres long. The crop is used as green manure and as a ornamental flower. Crimson flower is very suited for natural gardens and serves excellent as bee and bumblebee plant.
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Tuinboon Eleonora
A selection from ‘Express’ which stays short, so the crop is not prone to falling over. ‘Eleonora’ is about 10 days later than ‘Ratio’ and has excellent long pods with a splendid flavour. The beans are ideal for freezing.
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Tuinboon Ratio
Early, productive broad bean with an excellent pod shape, good pod set and a delicious flavour. Thanks to its branching habit, the crop stays short and is at less risk of lodging. Very flavoursome and suitable for freezing.
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Wikke - Groenbemester – Vicia sativa NEW
The green manure common vetch is a fast-growing crop that rapidly gains plant mass. It is a nitrogen fixer with strong rooting that improves the soil structure.
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Suikermais My Fair Lady F1
High-yielding two-colour hybrid. ‘My Fair Lady’ produces slim cobs 18-20 cm long. The kernels have a soft texture and a very sweet flavour. Plant height approx. 160 cm.
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