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Tomaat Bartelly F1

Cherry Tomato 'Bartelly F1'

Solanum lycopersicum


Cherry tomato 'Bartelly F1' is vigorous with strong-branched clusters of tomatoes. Highly productive and suitable for unheated greenhouses. The flavor is a delicious balance between sour and sweet.


Very flavoursome cherry tomato, ideal for summer production in polytunnels and unheated greenhouses. ‘Bartelly’ is a favourite with many growers, partly thanks to its branched trusses and large numbers of fruits which have a wonderful balance between sweetness and acidity. The round fruits weigh about 16 gm and are suitable for picking loose with calyxes.

- Early harvest
- Very vigorous
- High yielding

Resistance (HR): Ff:A-E / ToMV:0

Quick facts
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   10 seeds (for 2,5 m2)
Seed weight:    :   500 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   90x50 cm
Position    :   sun
Plant height    :   200-250 cm