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On this page you can find an overview of our novelty varieties. At De Bolster we are working towards a healthier planet and agriculture with perspective. In order to take the availability of organic agricultural crops to a higher level, we work hard on expanding our range of high quality seeds. For each crop we want to offer open-pollinated varieties, as well as hybrid varieties, giving commercial gardeners, arable farmers and individuals a wide choice of varieties for a successful cultivation.

Ui Albion F1 – Allium cepa
Onion ‘Albion F1’ is a lovely white, highly uniform and productive variety suitable for the fresh market and for short-term storage. It has a pungent yet slightly sweet flavour.
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Ui Redlander F1 – Allium cepa
Onion ‘Redlander F1’ is an early variety of red onion with a high downy mildew resistance. Has excellent keeping qualities and uniform, high yields.
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Knolselderij Balena F1 – Apium graveolens
Celeriac ‘Balena F1’ has healthy, strong, upright foliage and a fast-maturing root with lovely firm, white flesh. This breed is highly resilient to bolting and exceptionally tolerant of cold.
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Akkerrandmengsel M1
Field margin mixture ‘M1’ attracts parasitic wasps that parasitise the larvae of the bean seed fly. This nectar-rich mixture therefore helps to control this fly.
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Boerenkool Redbor F1 – Brassica oleracea
Curly kale ‘Redbor F1’ is super healthy! This highly productive variety is also easy to harvest.
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Koolrabi Kolibri F1 – Brassica oleracea
Kohlrabi ‘Kolibri F1’ has an attractive purple skin. The flesh is pure white and nearly fibreless. The bulb has a flat-round shape.
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Koolrabi Konan F1 – Brassica oleracea
Kohlrabi ‘Konan F1’ has a mildly sweet flavour. The attractive, green, flat-round fruits have strong leaves and are also easy to harvest.
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Rode kool Klimaro F1 – Brassica oleracea
Red cabbage ‘Klimaro F1’ is perfect for autumn cultivation. An excellent variety for fresh use but also for storage. The heads are a lovely red colour and have a firm structure.
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Savooiekool Cantasa F1 – Brassica oleracea
Savoy cabbage ‘Cantasa F1’ is a healthy grower that is suitable for autumn and early winter cultivation. A flavoursome, well-presented cabbage for the fresh market and storage.
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Scheutjesbroccoli Santee F1 – Brassica oleracea
Purple sprouting broccoli ‘Santee F1’ is a compact purple broccoli that produces delicious, tender spears. This healthy vegetable is high in antioxidants.
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Witte kool Impala F1 – Brassica oleracea
White cabbage ‘Impala F1’ is a productive, healthy and uniform variety with heads set high off the ground. This good storage cabbage has a snow-white interior with open green outer leaves.
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