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Stamslaboon Davis - Phaseolus vulgaris

Dwarf French Bean ‘Davis’

Phaseolus vulgaris


Dwarf French Bean 'Davis' is a French bean with long, uniform pods. This variety offers plants of 50 cm high and is specially developed for hand picking. This French bean is highly resistant to diseases and moulds. One packet contains 50 grams, which is sufficient for approximately 10 square meters.

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Dwarf French Bean 'Davis' offers fine, soft and tasteful pods with a length of 14-16 cm and a diameter of 7-9 mm. The pods have a beautiful dark green colour and are – besides being very tasteful – a feast for the eyes.

'Davis' is a typical hand-picking variety. The plants protect the thin pods against wind, rain and sun and the pods are easy to harvest. Thanks to its natural resilience, ‘Davis’ beans have a very good shelf life and so, are extremely suitable for fresh market.

This bean is extremely robust, also under unfavourable growing conditions. Due to its excellent resistances against many diseases, among which bean rust, both plants as well as pods keep their beautiful colour until the end of cultivation, and the variety has a high yield.

Direct sowing: May-Jul
Growing period: 60-65 days
Harvest: Jul-Oct

Spacing: 45x10 cm
Soil: All types
Resistance (HR): BCMV:1 / Ps / A (IR): Ua

Quick facts
Position    :   Zon
Seed type    :   Open pollinated variety
Seed weight    :   5,4 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   45x10 cm
Plant height    :   40-60 cm
EAN code    :   8717202606948
Packet size    :   125x153 mm
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   50 grams (for min. 10 m2)