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Popcornmais Cinema

Popcorn Mais 'Cinema'

Pop Corn


Maize ‘Cinema’ contains a high amount of starch. This makes ‘Cinema’ a great maize for making your own popcorn. The maize kernels need to be completely dry before you can pop them. One packet contains enough seeds for app. 9m2. The plant spacing is 75x20 cm.

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Maize 'Cinema' has a delicious taste and is fun to grow together with your children. Because what is more fun than growing your own maize to then make your own popcorn? This doesn’t work with normal maize: Varieties containing a high amount of starch are needed for this. ‘Cinema’ is such a variety. Because popcorn maize has a long growing period, it is important to first sow indoors and transplant the maize outdoors half May, after the risk of frost has passed. Make sure that the kernels have fully ripened before you harvest the cobs. Depending on the weather, the cobs can be harvested from September onwards. The kernels need to be dry in order to pop best!

Sowing: Apr-May
Transplant: May-Jun
Harvest: Sep-Oct
Plant spacing: 75x20 cm
Soil: Suitable for all types of soil

Quick facts
Position    :   Zon
Seed type    :   Open pollinated variety
Seed weight    :   8 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   75x20 cm
Plant height    :   180 cm
EAN code    :   8717202606924
Packet size    :   125x153 mm
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   15 gram (for min. 9 m2)