We like to show you our new varieties of winter squash and sweet pepper. All our new varieties are available for the professional market.

Blocky Pepper - Waldo f1

High-yielding blocky pepper with bright white fruits weighing between 160 and 170 gm. For the best white colour and fresh flavour, the attractive blocky fruits should be harvested unripe. If the fruits are allowed to ripen further they will turn pale yellow and will taste sweeter with a gentler flavour.

Courgette (climbing) - 'Ola Escaladora'

Climbing courgette ‘Ola Escaladora’ readily grows up netting or a fence. The long vines, which can reach anything up to 5 metres in length, need to be tied in at regular intervals so as to encourage the plant to grow upwards. This productive climber produces fl avoursome, dark green courgettes of around 20 to 25 cm in length throughout the summer, provided the fruits are harvested regularly. The side shoots, which can be removed if desired, also produce fruits. Any mildew only appears late in the season, if at all. Spacing: 60x60 cm. Site: full sun or semi-shade.

Acorn Squash - Green Tangerine F1 

Attractive, dark green fruits with deep tangerine coloured fl esh with a pleasant, sweet taste. The nicely shaped fruits (600-800 gm) are 11-14 cm in diameter with a small interior seed cavity. Compact, bushy plants with strong powdery mildew resistance. Skin turns orange in storage after a while.

Delicata Squash - Sugar Babe F1

Wonderfully sweet Delicata squash. Thanks to their fl at base, the fruits (500-800 gm) stand upright well – ideal for stuffi ng and baking in a range of dishes. ‘Sugar Babe’ is a high-yielding bush type squash with a good shelf life.

Halloween Pumpkin - Owls Eye F1

Attractive, yellow squash for autumn with a fi rm stalk that makes it easy to harvest and prepare. Thanks to its fl at base, ‘Owls Eye’ stands nicely upright. Semi-bush plant type with good mildew tolerance.

Dwarf French bean - Dior

Very uniform wax bean with homo geneous fruiting. The straight, yellow pods are neatly distributed on the outside of the plant, making them easy to pick. ‘Dior’ is extremely high yielding and has an earliness of +1, which is quite early for a wax bean.

Sweet Corn - My Fair Lady F1

High-yielding two-colour hybrid. ‘My Fair Lady’ produces slim cobs 18-20 cm long. The kernels have a soft texture and a very sweet fl avour. Plant height approx. 160 cm.