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De Bolster supplies certified organic seed for producing various root vegetables such as scorzonera, onions and carrots. Familiar varieties in our range of organic seeds include radish 'Cherry Belle' and carrot 'Nantes 2' (a summer variety). The varieties we supply were developed under organic conditions and are especially suitable for professional vegetable cultivation. Our carrot assortment offers you a selection of orange, yellow or white varieties suitable for the earliest to the late summer and autumn harvests. Whatever the variety, the result will be beautiful, uniform and exceptionally flavourful. De Bolster offers the best organic seeds for successful organic cultivation.

Schorseneer Verbeterde Reuzen Nietschieters PRO
Scorzonera 'VRN-Enorma' Scorzonera hispanica 1770
One of the most productive varieties with remarkable length and smoothness of root. ‘VRN-Enorma’ has attractive foliage and is resistant to hollow crown. A uniquely delicious vegetable.
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