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Witte kool Impala F1 – Brassica oleracea

White cabbage ‘Impala F1’

Brassica oleracea


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‘Impala F1’ is a white cabbage with heads set high off the ground. This not only makes the cabbage easier to harvest but also means that it is better protected against diseases. It is a very healthy, productive and uniform variety that requires little care, not least because of its good resilience to thrips.

The weight of a mature ‘Impala F1’ cabbage head varies from 2.5 to 4 kg. Harvesting at a young stage improves the storage quality. This cabbage has a medium storage life. To ensure good yields, follow up feeding several times during the crop cycle may help the plants.

Growing outdoors
Sow: 4-5 weeks before transplanting
Transplant: April-May
Harvest: early October-mid November

Spacing: 70x60 cm
Soil: fertile with sufficient organic matter, alkaline, pH 6-7.5
Resistance: highly resilient to thrips

Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   310
Plant spacing    :   70x60 cm
Position    :   sun
Plant height    :   30-50 cm
Seed coating    :  

These seeds are provided with an organically certified coating which makes sowing easier.