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Pompoen Fictor

Winter Squash 'Fictor'

Cucurbita maxima


The trailing, orange winter squash 'Fictor' is highly appreciated for its fruit size and long shelf life. 'Fictor' is extremely vigorous and produces a high yield.

Dark orange/red winter squash with attractive, uniform fruits. ‘Fictor’ is a trailing ‘family intercross’ (FIC; crossing result between two genera of different families) which is very much appreciated because of the size of its fruits, beautiful colour and good, uniform shelf life.

- Sales period: October-January
- High yield, up to 20 tonnes per hectare
- 7-10 days earlier than ‘Uchiki Kuri’

Plant type: Trailing
Density: 11,000-13,000 /ha
Culture time: 90-100 days
Fruit weight: 1.0-1.2 kg
Yield: 16-20 T/ha
Shelf life: 4-5 months

Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   3 seeds
Plant spacing    :   140x60 cm
Position    :   sun / semi-shade
Plant height    :   40-60 cm