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Tomato organic seeds

The breeding focus in our tomato range is on flavoursome tomatoes with a good shelf life and high yields for organic crops. We expect to expand this segment over the next few years. De Bolster organic tomato varieties have been specially developed for challenging growing conditions without the need for rootstock. With their strong root systems, our varieties deliver outstanding performance even in dry cultivation conditions and with a low fertilisation level.

Our ‘Bolstar’ varieties are vigorous and produce a lot of fruit early in the season; ideal for a short growing period. As they are semi-long life, the fruits can be left on the plant for longer, which offers more flexibility in picking and promotes optimal flavour development. All our tomato varieties have been developed for polytunnels and cold greenhouses, not for heated production.

Tomaat Mirabelle blanche
Tomato Mirabelle Blanche produces fruits with a velvet yellow colour, which are slightly ribbed. The tomatoes weigh around 60 – 80 grams. The plants are firm, vigorous and productive. The stem needs support and the suckers need to be removed regularly.
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Tomaat Tigerella Bicolore
Tomato Tigerella Bicolore produces round fruits that are, when unripe, light green with dark green stripes. During ripening, the fruits colour red, while the stripes colour orange. The soft pulp tastes delicious.
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