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Spinazie Renegade F1 – Spinacia oleracea

Spinach ‘Renegade F1’

Spinacia oleracea


Spinach 'Renegade F1' can be grown throughout the season. After 6 weeks, the spinach already has good leaf quality and aroma. This variety is also suitable for cultivation as baby leaves.


Spinach ‘Renegade F1’ can be grown throughout the season but is a particularly good choice for winter and early spring cultivation. After around six weeks the crop will already have plenty of mass and an outstanding leaf quality. It can then be harvested as a whole by cutting off the plant just above ground level. This spinach will keep for up to two weeks in cool, humid conditions.

Yellowing of spinach leaves can indicate a magnesium or nitrogen deficiency. Note that too much nitrogen can cause excessive nitrate accumulation in the leaves, making the spinach less healthy.

Growing under glass
Sow: January-February
Harvest: February-April

Growing outdoors
Sow: February-April. For successional cropping (continuous harvest), sow every two weeks.

Spacing: 15x3 cm
Harvest: after approx. 45 days
Soil: high humus content

Resistance (HR): Pfs:1-7,11,13,15-16

Quick facts
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   750 seeds (for min. 3 m2)
Seed weight:    :   60 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   15x3 cm
Position    :   sun-half shade
Plant height    :   20 cm
Seed coating    :  

These seeds are provided with an organically certified coating which makes sowing easier.