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Runner Bean 'Emergo'


Pronkboon Emergo

Runner bean (climbing) Emergo is a strong and productive crop with white flowers and very long, thick and dark green legumes. It has a nice taste, but it is different from the ordinary runner bean.

Picking regularly and timely is important. When the legumes have become too thick, one may still eat the unripe seeds. The crop is very robust and does not suffer from heavy wind and is therefore often used as wind-protection.

Runner beans are usually sowed with multiple seeds at one pole. Because of the strong growth it is best to sow two or three seeds per pole. Use the stated distances for the poles. Make a stable construction on which the plants can climb. There are little problems with diseases and plagues, which makes it even more appealing to cultivate this bean. It is also important to sow sufficiently deep (3-4 cm) in order to prevent mice and birds from eating the seeds.

direct sowing
Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   0,8 seeds
Plant spacing    :   75x15 cm
Plant height    :   200-250 cm
Position    :   sun