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Rocket Wild 'Selvatica'


Rucola ‘Selvatica’

In order to achieve a good result with the cultivation of Rucola Selvatica (wild rocket), it is important to have a nice homogeneous seedbed with little clods. Wild rocket germinates slightly slower than regular rocket; a soil temperature of 20°C (68°F) is desirable. The leaves can be harvested during a long period. The heart of the plant should remain intact if you would like to harvest multiple times. Remove the flowers regularly. Sowing is recommended in rows. Sowing once per three to four weeks in small portions will result in a longer harvest period. When sown under glass you can enjoy this crop during a long winter period. The risk on frost damage is low.

Greenhouse production
direct sowing
Field production
direct sowing
Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   4000 seeds
Plant spacing    :   15x10 cm
Plant height    :   15 cm