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Onion 'Red Long of Florence'


Ui Red long of Florence

Onion Red Long of Florence is a bottle-shaped onion with a beautiful red colour. The onions taste mild and sweet. This onion is also suited for salads. The Red Long of Florence is not suited for storage. Sowing later results in onions with thickened stalks. When the leafage starts to die, the onions should be harvested. The onions have to dry out well before storage. The onions can be stored until spring, provided that they are kept cool and dry. The thicker ones should be kept apart and eaten first.

Tip: placing plants with a strong smell, such as camomile, savoury and carrots in the proximity of the onions ought to have a disturbing effect on the onion fly.

Field production
direct sowing
Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   275 seeds
Plant spacing    :   30x10 cm
Plant height    :   40-50 cm
Position    :   sun