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1610 Nieuw-Zeelandse spinazie

New Zealand Spinach

Tetragonia tetragonioides


New Zealand spinach looks very different to ordinary spinach. As the seeds germinate slowly and only at higher temperatures, it is best to sow this variety under glass in April.

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New Zealand Spinach belongs to the family of purslane (Portulacaceae) and looks completely different than regular spinach. The plants of New Zealand spinach have much more vigor, predominantly expressed in width. The stems sort of crawl on the ground. The leaves and stems can be picked regularly and the kitchen preparation is similar to regular spinach. The seeds germinate slowly and only during high temperatures.

Quick facts
Position    :   Sun
Seed type    :   Open pollinated variety
Seed weight    :   13 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   50x50 cm
Plant height    :   25-30 cm
EAN code    :   8717202600632
Packet size    :   125x153 mm
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   10 grams (for 15 m2)