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Eikenbladsla ‘Salad Bowl’

Lettuce (Loose-Leaf) 'Salad Bowl'

Lactuca sativa


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Oakleaf lettuce Salad Bowl is a slightly curled loose-leaf lettuce. It is suitable as a cut-and-come-again type. It is very vigorous and decorative. It has tender leaves with a sweet taste. Lettuce has a short growing period and it is therefore important to transplant the plants in a young stadium. Lettuce is at is best taste when you do not fertilize that much. If you would like to eat lettuce each week, you have to sow/plant regularly. The young leaves are very tender. You can pick the leaves regularly or harvest the crop at once.

Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   1000 seeds
Plant spacing    :   30x30 cm
Position    :   sun / semi-shade
Plant height    :   20 cm