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Koolrabi Kolibri F1 – Brassica oleracea

Kohlrabi ‘Kolibri F1’

Brassica oleracea


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Kohlrabi ‘Kolibri F1’ is suitable for summer and autumn cultivation. A uniform summer variety that thrives in several climate conditions, including cool weather. The bulb has a particularly attractive purple skin, while the flesh is white and nearly fibreless.

Harvest ‘Kolibri F1’ when the bulb is around 8-13 cm in diameter. If harvested later, the bulb can be woody and the structure becomes tough and fibrous. When the leaves are removed, the kohlrabi can be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

Growing under glass
Pre-sow: 4-6 weeks before transplanting
Transplant: April-May
Harvest: June-August 

Growing outdoors
Pre-sow: 4 weeks before transplanting
Transplant: May-August
Harvest: July-October, approx. 55 days after transplanting

Spacing: 30x30 cm
Soil: rich and alkaline
Resistance (IR): Xcc

Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   190
Plant spacing    :   30x30 cm
Position    :   sun
Plant height    :   30-50 cm
Seed coating    :  

These seeds are provided with an organically certified coating which makes sowing easier.