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Organic seeds for growers' success

De Bolster strives continually to breed better varieties, and always with successful organic culture in mind. Many years of experience and knowledge of organic growing help us to meet the needs of our customers.

As an innovative breeder, with bright ideas and fresh thinking, we are particularly well known for our orange winter squash varieties for the fresh market in north-west Europe. We are also developing a wide range of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans and summer squashes, with varieties particularly suited to professional growers, as well as varieties aimed at home gardeners. As we believe in the benefits of collaboration, we sometimes work in partnership with other breeders to develop the best varieties, of which we exclusively produce organic seeds. 

For the benefit and future of our industry, it is crucial we continue to seek, discover and develop better performing products. Different from other breeding companies, De Bolster focuses solely on organic breeding. All our breeding is conducted with ‘classical’ techniques under organic conditions. This strategy is chosen to breed very robust, vigorous and productive varieties, selected for their exceptional performance in organic conditions.