Winter Squash 'Fictor'

Fictor has become a standard variety for many growers. Fictor is quite vigorous and produces a large number of fruits with the preferred weight of 1.0 kg. The fruits are dark orange-red, shiny and have a good storage capacity. In contrary to Solor, Fictor is not an open pollinated variety, but a cross of incomplete inbred and somewhat related parental lines. FIC (Family Inter-Cross) is a new breeding concept of the Bolster. In order to get the best results, we advise sowing Solor and Fictor together using a ratio of 2:1. Both varieties are flexible growers, producing more fruits when more space is available. To avoid cold damage, the fruits should be stored at a temperature of at least 8° c.

Winter Squash 'Fictor'

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Winter Squash 'Fictor'
Winter Squash 'Fictor'

Crop information

Species Cucurbita Maxima
Plant type Vining
Fruit colour Red/orange
Fruit weight Around 1 kg
Fruit flesh Orange colour
Taste Sweet, good texture
Growing period In Northern European conditions 90 to 100 days, in warmer countries earlier.
Potential yield 18-20 T/ha
Recommended plant density 11.000 to 13.000 plants/ha
Storage capacity 3-4 months