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Dwarf French Bean 'Dubbele witte zonder draad'


Stamslaboon Dubbele witte zonder draad

Double White is a juicy and tasty dwarf French bean, which can be picked for a long period of time. It is relatively insensitive for mould in moist weather.

Bush beans can be cultivated without support. However, cultivation along a wire netting or osiers has benefits: picking is substantially easier and no beans will get dirty on the ground. Never sow beans with cold or wet weather. It is also important to sow sufficiently deep (3-4 cm) in order to prevent mice and birds from eating the seeds.

Field production
direct sowing
Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   4,7 seeds
Plant spacing    :   45x10 cm
Plant height    :   40-60 cm
Position    :   sun