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Koriander Coriandrum sativum


Coriandrum sativum


The seeds of the annual herb coriander turn brown around September and can then be harvested. Coriander is a very fragrant herb. If it is dried well, it can be used in various dishes and cakes. 


Coriander is an annual herb with a strong smell. Both the young leaves as the seeds can be used. The coriander seeds can be harvested when they turn brown, which happens usually around September. It is important to dry the seeds after they have been picked. Can be used in different dishes and pastries.

Quick facts
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   5 grams (for 5 m2)
Seed weight:    :   100 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   30x10 cm
Position    :   sun
Plant height    :   80-120 cm