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Climbing Bean 'Stokkievitsboon'


Stokdroogboon Stokkievitsboon


Round-podded climbing bean Stokkievitsboon is a robust crop with beans that look like plover’s eggs. Both the legumes as well as the seeds are lovely red-dotted. After several weeks of drying, the seeds can be threshed or peeled. Only the seeds are consumable. When cooked, the skin is thin and soft. The production is alike Mechelse Tros. Make a stable construction for the beans to climb on.

An important advantage of climbing beans is that there are no problems with mould, because the crop is able to dry well. Other advantages are the long picking periods and high yields. Never sow beans with cold or wet weather. It is also important to sow sufficiently deep (3-4 cm) in order to prevent mice and birds from eating the seeds.


Field production
direct sowing
Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   1,5 seeds
Plant spacing    :   75x15 cm
Plant height    :   200-250 cm
Position    :   sun