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Rode biet Chioggia

Beetroot 'Chioggia'

Beta vulgaris


Chioggia' beetroot, with its lovely large beets and good yield, originates in the Italian village of Chioggia. 'Chioggia' has a mild, sweet taste and beautiful flesh with red and white rings.


Beetroot Chioggia is an old variety, originally bred in the Italian village Chioggia. The fruit flesh of the Chioggia has beautiful red-white rings and a soft sweet taste. It is suited for raw consumption, which has the advantage that the colour is preserved. The beet keeps its sweet taste when its cooked, however the beautiful colours slightly disappear. This variety gives high yield and nice and big beetroots. For preservation, sowing in the second half of May is the best period. Then, in autumn, when frost is absent, remove the leafage and store the beets in trenches on a frost-free location. Cover them up with sand.

Quick facts
Content 1 packet (Dutch)    :   8 grams (for 4 m2)
Seed weight:    :   50 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   30 x 10 cm
Position    :   sun / semi-shade
Plant height    :   20-40 cm