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Looking for organic seeds of Annual flowers? De Bolster is committed to providing organic growers with premium quality seed of the best varieties. Whether you are a professional grower, distributor or home garden seed supplier, we are determined to serve you in the best way we can, focused on your exact needs. Would you like to receive a quotation for organic seeds of Annual flowers? Simply click here to drop us an e-mail and we'll make sure to respond quickly.

Lavatera, grootbloemig – Lavatera trimestris
Annual Mallow is a firm, branched plant, which is a member of the Malva family. The plant is covered with big (10 centimetres), pink, dark nerved flowers. The flowers can be used as cut flower and the plant is an excellent bee and butterfly plant.
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Vlas, blauw – Linum usitatissimum
Flax (blue) has upright stems that branch only at the top. Suitable for use as cut flowers.
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Kleine lupine – Lupinus nanus
Dwarf Lupin is not as tall as standard lupin varieties and simply full of fragrant white, pink, lilac or purple spires. The plant will remain short when grown in poor soil. Inedible.
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Groot kaasjeskruid – Malva sylvestris
High mallow is a firm, branching plant with big, pink, dark nerved flowers. The seed capsules look like cheese, in which the disk-shaped seeds are pressed against each other and sitting in a circle. The plant can be used as cut flower and is an excellent bee and butterfly plant.
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Groot kaasjeskruid Mauritanica – Malva sylvestris
"Common Mallow 'Mauritanica' is a clump-forming, branching plant with deep violet flowers and seed pods that look like little cheeses. Suitable for use as cut flowers. A good plant to attract bees."
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Echte kamille – Matricaria chamomilla
Chamomile is also used in medicinal preparations such as chamomile tea. It produces little white flowers with a yellow centre under which - if it is real chamomile - there is a hollow space.
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Juffertje-in-het-groen – Nigella damascena
Love-in-a-mist is has light blue and white flowers in a crown of delicate green. The decorative capsules appear after blossoming and are suited for drying. It can be used as a cut flower and is a good plant for bees and butterflies. The plants are not easy to replant.
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Gewone klaproos
Common Poppy is a stunning spring flower that produces highly valuable pollen for, among others, honey bees. This means that butterflies and other bees will also find it very attractive.
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Klaproos Pierrot – Papaver rhoeas
Common Poppy 'Pierrot' is a unique poppy that produces bright, scarlet red flowers with a large black spot on each petal.
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Klaproos, gemengd – Papaver rhoeas
Mixed Poppy is a delightful mixture of poppies with a wide variety of colours and shapes. The colours vary from cream to orange and from pink to red, with or without white rim. There are both single as double flowers. Bumblebees visit the plants very often.
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Blauwmaanzaad – Papaver somniferum
Opium Poppy (white) is a sturdy plant with grey-green foliage. Its white flowers with a lilac centre bloom for a remarkably short time and attract lots of bees. By late August, its decorative seed pots are suitable for drying.
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Papaver Black Paeony – Papaver somniferum
Opium Poppy 'Black Paeony' is a sturdy grey-green plant with deep red-black, double-petaled flowers. After flowering, it produces beautiful seed pods that can be dried.
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