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Radijs Rudolf – Raphanus sativus

Radish 'Rudolf'

Raphanus sativus


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Radish ‘Rudolf’ develops flavoursome, very crisp, nicely rounded, bright red roots with a fine tail. The leaves on this variety are full, short, upright and attractively dark. A stable, open-pollinated variety with all the uniformity and vigour of an F1 hybrid.

NB: Excessive nutrients and overfeeding can result in too much foliage at the expense of radish formation. On heavy clay the roots can soon turn limp, especially in summer.

Growing under glass
Sow: February-August
Harvest: March-September

Growing outdoors
Sow: March-August, 220-250 seeds/m2. Sow every 10 days for successional cropping (continuous harvest).
Harvest: late April-late August

Spacing: 10x5 cm
Soil: moisture-retentive, light and well-drained

Quick facts
Plant spacing    :   10x5 cm
Position    :   sun-half shade
Plant height    :   15-25 cm
Seed coating    :  

These seeds are provided with an organically certified coating which makes sowing easier.