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Flowers perennial

Jacobsladder – Polemonium caeruleum
Jacob's Ladder has decorative fern-like leaves. Its heavenly blue flowers with projecting yellow stamens appear in tight clusters. A good plant to attract bees. Suitable for use as cut flowers. Easily reseeds.
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Scharlei – Salvia sclarea
Biennial Clary Sage has large furry leaves. The most striking feature of their inflorescences are the large violet bracts surrounding the light blue flowers. An aromatic plant that attracts bees.
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Valeriaan – Valeriana officinalis
Valerian is a wild plant with light pink flower heads. Its roots substances with sedative and sleep-enhancing properties. Also spreads by means of its rhizomes. A good plant to attract bees.
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Stalkaars – Verbascum densiflorum
Dense-flowered Mullein is a robust mullein with grey, felt-like leaves. Its flower spikes are covered in fairly large yellow flowers. A good plant to attract bees.
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