Round Tomato 'Bolstar Granda'

Robust, high-yielding, open-pollinated variety suitable for summer production in polytunnels and unheated greenhouses. The round fruits weigh about 100 gm and are suitable for picking loose with calyxes. ‘Bolstar Granda’ produces about 5-10 fruits per truss with a good, pleasant flavour and an excellent shelf life.

  • Very vigorous
  • Firm, round fruits
  • Ideal for the cold greenhouse or polytunnel

Round Tomato 'Bolstar Granda'

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Crop information

Species Solanum lycopersicum
Segment Round, loose harvest with crown
Fruit weight 110 gram
Fruit colour Red
Fruit shape Round, somewhat oblate
Taste Good, mild taste
Plant characteristics Indeterminate, sturdy, robust and vigorous, high production
Optimal growing conditions In soil, unheated greenhouse, low fertilization advised
Resistances (HR)

Ff:A-E / ToMV:0 / Va:0 / Vd:0 / Fol:0,1 / For

Additional information Firm, good shelf life. Recommended plant density: around 2,2 plants/m2