Plum Tomato 'Bolstar Sensatica F1'

Deliciously sweet, semi-long life plum tomato, suitable for polytunnel production and slightly heated greenhouses. The plum-shaped fruits, which weigh about 80 gm, have a very good fl avour, especially compared with other ‘Roma’ tomatoes. The tomatoes have an excellent shelf life, both on the plant and after harvesting. ‘Bolstar Sensatica’ produces large trusses with about 12 juicy fruits which can be harvested loose with or without calyxes. Also suitable for harvesting on the truss with 6 fruits.

  • Very long vine and shelf life
  • Intermediate resistance against mildew
  • Truly a taste sensation!

Plum Tomato 'Bolstar Sensatica F1'

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Crop information

Species Solanum lycopersicum
Fruit weight 70-90 gm
Taste Sweet
Resistances (HR)

Ff:A-E / ToMV:0-2 / Va:0 / Vd:0 / Fol:0,1 / For