Frequently Asked Questions

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How can we order?
If you would like to purchase seeds please contact us by email or telephone. Contact

What are the conditions of sale?
Please find here our Conditions of sale

Can I order seeds on this website?
We don't sell on this website. We kindly ask you to contact us if you want to order. 

Can I order seeds in small packages?
Currently we sell small packages in Dutch and German language. These are not available on this website. If you are familiar with Dutch you can order at or (if you are familiar with German) at 

What about shipping?
We can ship our seeds all over the world. Please contact us if you would like to have more information on shipping details and phytosanitary issues.

What can De Bolster offer me as a seed company, professional grower or retailer?
We can deliver our seeds in bulk, in small packages or as private label. We can even do contract productions. Please take a look in our professional catalogue. In this catalogue you can find our professional varieties and at the end our total list of crops and varieties. Want to see the professional catalogue, please click here.

How can De Bolster proof the organic quality of her seeds?
De Bolster has a SKAL-certificate, a non-GMO certificate and a Demeter-certificate. We control the entire chain from production to packaging. This means that we always know the origin of our seeds. That's why we can guarantee 100% organic seeds.

Does De Bolster sell non-organic seeds?
De Bolster only sells organic seeds of vegetables, flowers, herbs, green manure and vegetable sprouts.