Dwarf French Bean 'Compass'

Extra-refi ned French bean, ‘haricot vert’ type. It is stringless and has a good fl avour. Excellent plant habit with long, straight pods. Because the pods are quite thin, it is less suitable for picking by hand.

Dwarf French Bean 'Compass'

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Dwarf French Bean 'Compass'
Dwarf French Bean 'Compass'

Crop information

Species Phaseolus vulgaris

Height: about 50 cm
Beautiful plant characeristics
Homogeneous fruit setting


Length: long (12-14 cm) straight pods
Sorting: 75% diameter < 6,5 mm, 25% diameter 6,5-8 mm
Dark green colour
Very good taste

Resistances (HR)

BCMV:1 / Ps / A

Maturity 71-72 days