Cherry-Plum Tomato 'Bolstar Baloe F1'

Deliciously sweet cherry-plum tomato, ideal for summer production in polytunnels and unheated greenhouses. ‘Bolstar Baloe’ produces both single and double trusses, with a beautiful herringbone pattern. The flavoursome fruits weigh about 21 gm. Suitable for picking as a truss or loose, with or without calyxes.

  • Very vigorous; keeps on producing trusses
  • Good keeping qualities on the plant
  • Good texture and sweet taste

Cherry-Plum Tomato 'Bolstar Baloe F1'

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Crop information

Species Solanum lycopersicum
Fruit weight 20-22 gm
Taste Sweet
Resistances (HR)

Ff:A-E / Fol:0,1 / For