Broad Bean | Eleonora | Vicia faba

A broad bean variety of the Express type developed by De Bolster. The crop is short and therefore little sensitive to falling. The pods are shiny, long, rather fine and well filled with about 5 seeds. Eleonora is a strong plant, also suitable as wind fool for other crops. Grows in any soil and demands little fertilization. Excellent taste and suitable for freezing.

Note that: When Eleonora and Ratio are sown at the same moment, they complement each other in harvesting time. Ratio is 10 days earlier than Eleonora.

Broad Bean | Eleonora | Vicia faba

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Broad Bean | Eleonora | Vicia faba
Broad Bean | Eleonora | Vicia faba

Crop information


Height: 1 m high
Very vigorous


Beautiful, shiny, long and thin
About 5 seeds per pod
Excellent flavour and very suitable forĀ freezing

Maturity Late