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Bolcourgette Ola Redonda – Cucurbita pepo

Round courgette ‘Ola Redonda’

Cucurbita pepo


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As the name suggests, round courgette ‘Ola Redonda’ is a courgette with round, light-green fruits with white speckles. Harvest daily for a constant supply of new courgettes. The fruits will then weigh 150-300 g and are ideal for stuffing. They can be stored in a cool place for 4-5 weeks.

‘Ola Redonda’ is an open-pollinated variety, making it ideal for amateur gardeners. These high-yielding plants grow nice and bushy with minimal branching. Courgettes require little fertiliser.

Growing under glass
Sow: from mid April onwards, in a greenhouse or indoors
Transplant: from early May onwards
Harvest: from 40-50 days after transplanting 

Growing outdoors
Sow: from early May onwards
Transplant: from early June onwards
Harvest: approx. 40-50 days after transplanting
Soil: suitable for all soil types

Quick facts
Seeds per gram    :   9 seeds per gram
Plant spacing    :   60x60 cm
Position    :   sun-half shade
Plant height    :   40-60 cm