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Winter Squash 'Alligator F1'


Pompoen Alligator F1

Alligator is a green pumpkin with an excellent shelf life and a high yield. The plants are very compact and are so-called bush types with a short rank. The smooth round fruits have relatively much flesh and an attractive yellow orange colour. The taste is good.

In two experiments we conducted so far, the fruits could be stored well for up to 7-8 months. . This is mainly due to Alligators’ low susceptibility to Fusarium. When sown at a plant density of 15.000/ha, two fruits per plant are produced. When sown at a lower density this can add up to 4-5 fruits per plant. The harvest weight is around 1.3 to 1.8 kg. Potential yield is around 30 to 40 T/ha.

direct sowing
Quick facts
Smallest package    :   10 seeds (for 5 m2)
Seeds per gram    :   6 seeds
Plant spacing    :   75x75 cm
Plant height    :   60-90 cm
Position    :   sun-Half Shadow