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Paprika onderstam Skyborn F1 – Capsicum annuum

Pepper Rootstock 'Skyborn F1'

Capsicum annuum


Skyborn F1' is a medium-strong rootstock for all sweet pepper varieties. High resistance to root-knot nematodes, Verticillium and Pyrenochaeta.


'Skyborn F1' is a productive, medium vigorous Capsicum rootstock with excellent resistance to root knot nematodes. Virtually all varieties of sweet- and hot pepper can be grafted onto it. This rootstock is suitable for heated and unheated greenhouses and is perfect for organic cultivation.

Other important characteristics:

Medium vigour Strong root system Highly resilient to Verticillium and Pyrenochaeta Resistance: Mi, Ma and Mj



Seed weight:    :   120 seeds per gram