Winter Squash 'Tractor F1'

Tractor F1 is a beautiful orange variety that has a bigger fruit size and a good storage capacity. It is a bush type with a short rank. The fruit size depends on the plant density. At 10.000 plants/ha, the fruits weigh around 3,5 to 4,5 kg. With plant densities of 15 to 20 thousand the fruit weight drops to 2,0 to 2,5 kg. The fruit flesh is firm and orange of colour. Tractor F1 has relatively much fruit flesh and the seeds are easy to take out. We strongly recommend to sow this variety when temperatures are above 18°C (64,4 °F) with enough sunshine, also during subsequent days. Sunshine is important as it quickly increases soil temperature, and pumpkin seeds love temperatures of 22°C and higher.

Winter Squash 'Tractor F1'

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Winter Squash 'Tractor F1'
Winter Squash 'Tractor F1'

Crop information

Species Cucurbita Maxima
Plant type Bush type with short rank, very compact
Fruit colour Bright orange
Fruit weight 2,0 to 4,5 kg, depends on plant density
Fruit flesh High percentage fruit flesh, firm structure, orange colour, easy to take out seeds
Taste Good, mild taste
Growing period In Northern European conditions 90 to 100 days, in warmer countries earlier.
Potential yield 30-35 T/ha
Recommended plant density 10.000 to 15.000 plants/ha for industry, around 20.000 plants/ha for fresh market
Storage capacity 2-4 months