Round Tomato 'Bolstar Gimli F1'

Beautiful, shiny truss tomato, suitable for summer production in polytunnels and slightly heated greenhouses. The fine round fruits, weighing about 75 gm, have a very good shelf life, both on the plant and after harvesting. ‘Bolstar Gimli’ produces long trusses of about 8-10 juicy fruits which can be harvested loose, with or without calyxes. Also suitable for harvesting as 7-fruit trusses.

  • Very good shelf life
  • Sturdy trusses with 8-10 fruits
  • Good, mildly fresh flavour

Round Tomato 'Bolstar Gimli F1'

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Crop information

Species Solanum lycopersicum
Fruit weight 70-80 gm
Taste Good, mildly fresh fl avour
Resistances (HR)

Ff:A-E / ToMV:0 / Va:0 / Vd:0 / Fol:0,1 / For